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Adidas Elite Training Mat

Adidas Elite Training Mat

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Opis proizvoda

Adidas Elite Training Mat

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Pol: Muškarci
Boja: Black

Adidas Elite Training Mat
The primary role of a fitness mat is to enhance comfort and performance during floor based exercises - the adidas Elite Training Mat does just that. 8mm thick, the mat makes for a comfortable workout, effectively cushioning your feet, hands and knees on contact.

The roll up design of the mat means that you can store it in the smallest space and easily fit it in your gym bag.

The iconic three stripes can be used as a guide for developing good posture and positioning on the mat throughout all moves and stretches. 173cm in length, the training mat is long enough for full body stretching and thick enough for ground based strength and power moves.

Key Features:

> Comfortable 8mm thick padding
> Designed with shoulder carrying strap through eyelet
> Easy to clean material
> Flat size: 173 x 61 x 0.8cm
> Grey Elite Training Mat featuring iconic adidas 3 stripes
> Roll up design for easy storage

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